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Computer Engineering VS. Computer Science

by Samia Tasnim

Many of us may have this question in our head if computer engineering and computer science are the same. But there are many things to be compared and contrasted within these two categories, Computer ( Engineering or science). So, before you start your career, you should know perfectly about these two sectors individually. Let me draw and show you the battle of Computer Engineering VS. Computer Science.

At first, you need to have the clear definition of these two. To get the clear ideas, first I am going to introduce the Computer Science and the Engineering later.

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is, in fact, the study of computer and of the data and instructions. This is all about how data and instructions are processed, communicated and stored by computer or computing devices. To know the details of programming is a must for Computer Science. Designing and analyzing algorithms for solving programs are also the main causalities of Computer Science. Computational theories are analyzed thoroughly in Computer Science. Programming languages, software, hardware, database design, algorithms, coding, protocols and all these related things about computer or computational theory are studied in Computer Science.

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering is the practical site of the theory or the theorems. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering both smash together into Computer Engineering. Computer Science is about coding whereas Computer Engineering ends in lab work. How a software is created out by a computer scientist will be analyzed by a computer engineer and he/she will make the procedure to run that on the device. Computer engineers work on electrical engineering, hardware design, software design and their interactions with each other.

Computer Engineering VS. Computer Science

You may have already got some sort of ideas about the differences between Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Computer science is about studying the theory and computer engineer is about building those theories in real life. Both the sectors are about studying the basic computer operation, mathematics, and programming. But there remains a way more to emphasize different things. Computer engineering is the practical site whereas computer science is more theoretical. There are a lot of specialized degrees in these disciplines, but at first, if you know the basic differences, you will know more and will help you to get started.

Computer Engineering VS. Computer Science

As the battle of computer engineering VS. computer science, computer engineering includes a good number of computer science coursework. But there, computer science does not get into the nuts and bolts of electrical circuits and engineering. If someone studies computer science, he/she knows everything related to computer and more likely, computer graphics to numerical methods and all other computational theories. and when someone studies computer engineering, he/she also studies the similar areas of math and science but also knows more physical or lab studies. For example, they study electronics, circuits, robotics, sensors, and networking.

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For a real-life example to define the computer engineering VS. computer science thing, you can compare these two things with a car and a touchscreen navigation on it. So, a computer engineer will design the computer systems. The internal processors, the chips, microprocessors, circuit boards, the components like the screen, buttons, and everything that works is done by the computer engineers. The computer scientists will write the car’s operating system, the programs, applications or a tire pressure monitoring system, and any network communications. And that is how the two sectors are differentiated.

Computer engineering is the hardware and computer science is the software. More practical and huge field is computer engineering that smashes up with electrical engineering and there the computer science that let you learn more about the theories. So, after knowing the differences, the computer engineering VS. the computer science battle, you may have decided which sector you want to choose to study.




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