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Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities

by Samia Tasnim

Mechanical Engineering is a very prestigious field in job sectors. Entry-level mechanical engineering job opportunities are huge in number. Almost every industry looks for a mechanical engineer nowadays and the opportunity begins in entry-level. Let’s have a look at the career opportunities with an entry-level mechanical engineering.

What Mechanical Engineers actually Do?

Mechanical engineers working area is,

  • Investigating equipment failures or difficulties
  • Developing and testing prototypes of devices
  • Analyzing particular problems of mechanical and thermal devices
  • Designing or redesigning mechanical and thermal devices
  • Analyzing the test results and change the design or system if needed

What is an Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Job?

Entry-level jobs vary company to company or industry to industry and also depend on which area you have been studying all these years. Most of the job positions may require an experienced employee. But, to some points, they will hire an entry-level employee most of the time. And being an entry-level mechanical engineer, you still have opportunities to start your work without a second thought. Because the demands of mechanical engineers are very highlighted. Your skills will take you to the highest stage starting your entry-level job with a mechanical engineering degree.  If you have a strong command of technical skills, such as with CAD and CAE software packages, and the ability of quick learning new software; you are in the highest level of employer’s demands trust me!

Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities

As it is mentioned before that, there is a huge opportunity for an entry-level mechanical engineer in today’s industries. There are the top five industries that employ entry-level mechanical engineers in a quite good number.

  • Engineering Services
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
  • Research and Development in Engineering Sciences and,
  • Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing

About 19% entry-level mechanical engineers work in engineering services, 15% in machinery manufacturing companies, 7% in computer and electronic product manufacturing and 6% entry-level mechanical engineer start their work in research and development in engineering sciences and aerospace product and parts manufacturing. These following five industries offer great job opportunities for entry-level mechanical engineers.

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Entry-level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities in Engineering Services

Engineering services are also known as the industry sector. This includes engineering consulting firms and other providers of technical solutions or services. This field requires an entry-level mechanical engineer to work with consulting companies contractually or on specific projects. Industrial process design, systems design, and engineering, construction, architecture, operations and maintenance projects all are taken care by the young engineers and they thus start their careers. This sector employs the largest percentage of entry-level mechanical engineers so far.

As it is told before that technical skills are the key to success for entry-level mechanical engineers. A consulting services firm needs a skilled person who is able to work with industry-standard methods. ANSYS simulation software, Matlab, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and computer-aided design (CAD)  are on the top the list of essential skills. Besides these, project management, communication skills, and leadership skills are also important parts to work in this sector.

If you enter in this sector as an entry-level mechanical engineer, you will also get the benefits of company’s own training program where you will learn to its best about their terms and policies. So, if you have those skills and you also get to get the training programs at a time, you can have your career built on a standard position. There again, as an entry-level engineer, you will get to work on project teams, and with consulting firms which will ultimately lead your experience level high.

*An entry-level mechanical engineer working in Engineering services or in industrial sectors’ median salary is $85,920.

Entry-level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities in Machinery Manufacturing

The machinery manufacturing industry is the second highest employer of entry-level mechanical engineers. This industry manufactures industrial and commercial machinery.  It works with the suppliers, OEMs and assembly plants. Technical manufacturing skill sets and designing parts and assemblies and fabricating them and plastic fabrication and additive manufacturing techniques will be the main type of work for the entry-level mechanical engineers who start their career in this industry. They should also have the ideas on how to cope up with stress testing and heat transfer analysis projects.

*An entry-level mechanical engineer working in machinery manufacturing industry’s median salary is $76,810.

Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities


Entry-level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities in Computer and Electronics Manufacturing Jobs

For mechanical engineers, fieldworks involving computers and electronics are undoubtedly a matter of interest. A mechanical engineer designs and manufactures all those devices that you are using in your daily life including from cars to your home to job placement. Mechanical engineers who work in electronics manufacturing work on the design and production of computers and related to it.

 Entry-level mechanical engineers in this industry design and produce integrated circuits, circuit boards, processors, and storage media. Designing and building the factories, processing machinery or robotics and overall making of all sort of electronic products are also added to their work. An essential skill in this industry is heat transfer analysis.

*An entry-level mechanical engineer working in Computer and Electronics Manufacturing Jobs’ median salary is $63,729.

Entry-level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities in Research and Development

Entry-level jobs in Research and Development is found in large number in many organizations. Instead of many private companies, there are also public or government sectors that are eager to employ mechanical engineers for research and development. There are lots of opportunities to find entry-level engineering jobs in research and development sectors. Entry-level mechanical engineers need a strong understanding of mathematics, calculations, good writing skills and proper analysis of research results.

*An entry-level mechanical engineer working in research and development sectors’ median salary is $95,700.

Entry-level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities in Aerospace Manufacturing

There is a huge career opportunity for those mechanical engineers who find interest in developing and manufacturing aircraft. Aerospace industry looks for entry-level mechanical engineers with best skills. Designing and building engines for airplanes or spacecraft, individual parts and components, missiles, helicopters and fighter jets are their areas of work. So, the total aerospace industry depends on a  large portion of mechanical engineers.

A strong understanding of CAD and CAE, machinery, operations, critically analyze the products and about aerospace vehicles are the primary requirements for the entry-level mechanical engineers who want to start their career with the aerospace industry.

*An entry-level mechanical engineer working in aerospace manufacturing industry’s median salary is $85,920.

Other Entry-level Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities

There also remains other opportunities for the entry-level mechanical engineers to start their career. Suh as,

  • Mathematicians and Statisticians
  • Natural Sciences Managers
  • Mechanical Engineering Technicians
  • Drafters
  • Architectural and Engineering Managers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Nuclear Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Physicists and Astronomers

Entry-level mechanical job opportunities are available in related job sectors and you can start your career easily if you have proper skills and knowledge to cooperate with. So, you may choose your career studying with mechanical engineering. It has a bright future indeed.


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