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How to Make a Resume of High School Student for the First Job?

by Samia Tasnim

Are you planning to start your career by starting a job as a fresher and you have no ideas even how to make a resume? It is a matter of fact that we the students of high school or such as this find it very difficult to face an interview for the first time or even making a resume if it is about the first time. To make a resume of high school student for the first job is not that easy. But it is not that scary either! There are a lot of ways and steps to follow to make a proper resume though it is your first time. Do not get panic and follow the instructions properly!

Things to Follow before Starting to Write Your Resume

If you are thinking you need to make a resume to start a job, there are few things you can follow. A strong resume is the main key to prove yourself that you are fit for that required position even if you are a fresher. Follow these little instructions below to make a resume of high school student for the first job.

  • Start researching the job postings that you are interested in and make a list of the important keywords that are used frequently. After that, you will get the primary ideas what skills and requirements are in high demand. To make the interviewers impressed, you may add those skills in your resume.
  • You can ask experienced professionals and take suggestions from them what will be a good decision to add to your resume if they have the clear ideas about hiring employees then.
  • You may try facing some informal interviews to gather experiences about what type of questions are asked mostly. So, you can add more information related to these later on.
  • To increase more knowledge you can go through the websites and publications related to your aim or goal or targeted job.
  • Study more and learn as much as you can. Once you have a clear idea about the job sectors, you can easily fulfill your own resume with an impressive and strong look.

Tips to Make a Resume of High School Student for the First Job

These steps are important ones and if you can follow these carefully, you are going to get your expected resume all by yourself. There, first of all,

Highlight Your Educational Background

Highlighting your educational background is one of the most important parts to identify you who you are and why you are qualified for. So, put this educational site at the top of your resume after your name and IDs. Include all of your academic details with the results or CGPAs with those. And if you do have some achievements, you may add those too, these will be a plus point. Studying abroad with a good CGPA is another plus point if you own some. Academic achievements and results are the main keys to judge you when you are a fresher as you have no specific experience of work yet. So, try to highlight those as much impressive as you can.

Focus All Your Related Experience

As a fresher, you might have a limited work experience or no work experience at all, but you sure have gathered experiences of other fields such as different clubs like debate, drama and more. You may have done your internships or other volunteering activities- all of these can be listed named “Related Experience”.

Mention All Your Achievements

Mentioning achievements to make a resume of high school student for the first job is important. Sometimes you gather experiences from different activities. You can make a list of those experiences. Just simply keep on saying what you have achieved. The achievements that can add benefits to the organization might be listed on your resume. For extra points, you can add some examples to make your resume richer.

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Skip what is not Relevant

You need to prove yourself more specific and smart. So, do not make any actions that are not relevant to the required position. For example, if you are here to work in engineering, your project planning will be important. Do not go for irrelevant topics to discuss in your resume. Do not include hobbies and experiences that are irrelevant to the position.

Use those Keywords

Remember the very first time you used to list some important keywords from the job advertisements? Now, imply those skills and requirements in your resume for the jobs you are going to applying for. This will impress the interviewers.

Keep it Short

When it is on a fresher’s resume, the entire thing should not be that long. You do not need to include a lot of information because at the end it becomes irrelevant and that is odd. Your resume should not be longer than one page or one and a half page.

Edit a lot!

A perfect resume is everything to get a perfect job. Employers do not get many times to cover so many candidates. So, the first appearance should be impressive of your resume. Proofread your resume more and more and edit whether it is needed before sending it to an employer.

To make a resume of High School Student for the first job is that interesting and easy when you follow these instructions properly. Do not make the resume that suffocated or unclean rather make it simple and informative that are relevant.






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