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How Long Does it Take to Become a Lawyer?

by Samia Tasnim

Choosing your career as a lawyer is very prestigious. But, at first, you need to know the procedure of becoming a lawyer and most importantly, how long does it take to become a lawyer. If you go through the traditional path, you will need around seven years to become a lawyer.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Lawyer?

If you are deciding to become a lawyer, you need to have two different types of degrees that includes an undergraduate program or a law degree (L.L.B) and Juries Doctorate (J.D.). After completing your undergraduate degree, you need to take the LSAT that is Law School Admission Test. Then you need to complete the J.D. degree program which will take three years. Finally, give the bar exam in the state in which you are willing to practice.

How long does it take to become a lawyer

Your undergraduate degree could be done with a major in a variety of subjects such as political science, English, public speaking, and others. The three years program of J.D. will offer courses in legal writing, constitutional law, civil procedure, contracts etc. You can also study in any specialized courses such as corporate law or criminal law. These are very remarkable nowadays.

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A lawyer is a general term that refers to anyone who is the qualified licensed one to give legal advice. But this lawyer includes solicitors and barristers. You need to pick any sector to make your career.

  • Solicitors- They provide legal support, advice, and services to clients. They can be any individuals, private companies, public organizations or other groups. Working in these areas, they may be specialized in any particular area of law such as property, family or finance.
  • Barristers– They represent individuals or organizations in court. Carrying out the research into points of law and advising clients on their case is their work. Many barristers are self-employed in chambers, while others work in government departments or agencies.

Online Degrees would be a great option for those who cannot attend the full-time study of total seven years. There you will find a flexible timing or schedule and you can do your courses completely online.

How long does it take to become a lawyer might be a confusing question to most of us? But you need to focus on which area you are going to study in law and there you get your answer. Make your decision and start a better future with law studies.


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