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Top Online Courses for Medical Coding and Billing Program

by Samia Tasnim

Medical is such a vast world that it creates different sectors most often to control its management. And there are Medical Coding and Medical Billing. Though “Medical Coding and Medical Billing,” both the titles are most of the time combined, and many employers demand a specialist to do both functions, medical coding and medical billing are totally different. And online medical coding and medical billing programs are much more relaxing than the on-going campus courses. Its a matter of fact to make decisions about taking courses online. So the top online courses for medical coding and billing program will also be discussed here.

What is Medical Coding?

When a patient is seen by a doctor, a record is kept about him/her and that is called history. The task of medical coding is to translate the diagnoses and treatments from that visit. Then it turns the visit into universal alphanumeric code that can be shared and translated between all healthcare and insurance providers. That is what a medical coder do.

What is Medical Billing?

Medical billing is to take that information from medical coder to create a claim. Then finally it becomes ready to submit to the insurance company to determine coverage and to collect payment. That is the responsibility of a medical biller. Without medical billing and coding specialists, no healthcare provider would be paid for their services. And the critical sharing of patient information would totally be a disaster. It’s no wrong to say that they are one of the most crucial components of the medical world.

Students who are interested in online medical billing and coding have many choices available. But financial part is the most important part of making any decisions. The total costs of these programs vary, but the average rate of medical billing and coding school online can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 or more depending on the institution. Though online medical coding and billing schools do offer financial aid for the categorized students. And that also vary on the institutions.

Online Medical Billing and Coding

One can have these degrees from going on campus and others can choose to do this online. Online courses and costs are way more relaxed than the other. there are other facts and advantages than the on-campus scheduled program. Such as-

  • Flexible Schedule- You can work on your own schedules and at your own pace.
  • Cost-effective- Online programs are usually less expensive than those on-campus programs.
  • Wide-ranging Access – Online students can access professors and experts around the world about Medical billing and coding.
  • Learning Styles- The students can learn through a different learning process such as visual aids, online lectures and much more to nourish their knowledge.

Top Online Courses for Medical Coding and Billing Program

This is totally a personal decision to choose a program. This is you only who can properly judge whether a target school’s strengths match your educational needs. The following listed schools should be a helpful idea for you to look at the Top online courses for medical coding and billing program.

If you are willing to study online medical billing and coding program, just be sure that you contact the admissions specialists of different colleges or universities to learn more about their specific requirements and offerings.

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Take a look at what are the top online courses for medical coding and medical billing programs the universities are offering for:

Davenport University–  Davenport University offers more than 50 career-focused programs with an online program in Health Information Technology.  The online medical coding and billing degree program can be completed fully online in Davenport’s “Global Campus.”

Students can expect to complete the degree in online medical coding and billing degree program in two and a half years (five semesters) but they have to complete the total required 69 courses credits. Michigan residents pay $707 per online credit hour while non-residents pay only $450 (not including books or fees). And the tuition is, $707/credit in-state; $450/credit out-of-state

Cowley County Community College- Cowley County Community College offers several accredited online programs. An associate of applied science degree in medical coding is one of them. Students who want a medical billing and coding degree online from CCCC must apply for admission. They need to complete a total of 65 credit hours to get the certificate.

The learners can finish over the length of four semesters with a full-time load. Students must complete a coding exam preparation course. And the tuition is, $315/3-credit course in-state; $456/3-credit course out-of-state.

Northwest Technical College: Northwest Technical College also offers a medical billing and coding program online. This college requires 60 credits to graduate. Students who transfer from other colleges might be eligible for transfer credit, but this process is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Tuition for full-time online students costs $197.01 per course credit for an approximate total of $11,820.60 per year. To help students pay for their tuition, this college offers two types of scholarships for both first-year and returning students.

What do I need to become a medical coder?

If you are willing to be a medical coder or you already have chosen your profession to become a coder, first of all, you have to complete a postsecondary certificate or associate’s degree program. This is highly required. Above discussed universities also require for their programs a High school diploma or GED.

How much does a medical biller and coder make?

There is a high demand for a medical coder & medical biller. The wages for a new medical coder grows year after year. The latest reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a medical coder makes an annual salary of $34,160, with variations based on location. Which means he/she makes  $16.42 per an hour. So, its a lot more money though!

Medical coding and medical billing both are very prestigious and responsible work. Through online, one can easily get these degrees. Top online courses for medical coding and medical billing program are more relaxing on credit hours, total costs and duration. So, anyone who is interested to join any of these programs can easily study online with his/her own schedules and at your own pace.

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