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Top Scholarships for High School Seniors 2018

by Samia Tasnim

Scholarships for High School SeniorsThere are thousands of different scholarship opportunities for high school seniors and these are the best solutions to help pay for your higher education. Need-based scholarships, merit-based scholarships, essay competitions, and field-of-study scholarships are such criteria for different types of scholarships for high school seniors. There also remain the range of smaller and larger, less competitive and more competitive scholarships. These scholarships usually vary in terms of eligibility, deadlines, application criteria, or award amounts.  If you are in your senior year, it’s high time for you to focus on the scholarships that you are eligible for.

How to Find Scholarships for High School Seniors?How to Find Scholarships for High School Seniors?

Always remember that you don’t have to pay to find scholarships for high school seniors or other financial aid. Have a look at the sources of information about how to find scholarships for high school seniors:

  • A high school or TRIO Counselor
  • Federal agencies
  • Your state grant agency
  • Your library’s reference section
  • Ethnicity-based organizations
  • The financial aid office at a college or career school
  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s FREE scholarship search tool
  • Your employer or your parents’ employers
  • Foundations, religious or community organizations, local businesses, or civic groups
  • Organizations (including professional associations) related to your field of interest

How to apply for the Scholarships for High School Seniors?

Each scholarship has its own requirements. The scholarship’s website should give you an idea of who qualifies for the scholarship and how to apply. Make sure you read the application carefully, fill it out completely, and meet the application deadline.

The following video might help you get the answers to how to find and apply for the scholarships for high school seniors-Gotcha!

Merit-Based Scholarships for High School Seniors

Different programs are offering scholarships for high school seniors on the basis of merit list. Such as,burger king scholarship

  • Burger King Scholars Program– The Burger King Scholars program also gives awards to students based on their GPA, work experience, extracurricular involvement, and community service. The scholarships range is from $1,000 to $50,000. The interesting part is, there is no set number of scholarships! For instance, in 2016, they granted about 2,800 scholarships. The application deadline is in mid-December of every year. The award varies from $1,000 to $50,000.
  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation- The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is one of the largest scholarship programs for high school seniors. coca-cola scholars foundationThis program awards $20,000 for 150 students. The application depends mostly on the academic achievement, leadership, and extracurricular involvement. The process is highly selective and involves interviews and essays, as well. If you think you are the exception in the academic career and in extracurricular activities, then you may apply for this program. The application deadline is at the end of October of each year.
  • Rotary Club Scholarships- Rotary Clubs Scholarships are in many communities all over the United States. These scholarships are localized. So, you have to do the legwork. However, check your local Rotary Club to see what scholarship opportunities exist. Application deadlines and award sizes may vary.


  • Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarships- These awards will go to those on the basis of local Ronald McDonald House Charity chapter. The application deadline and award amounts will also vary by location.  The award can be up to $100,000 in total.  The scholarship application starts from October.

Need-Based Scholarships for High School Seniors

The high school seniors who are in need of scholarships are highly encouraged to apply for the scholarships. Academic strength, extracurricular activities, leadership qualities, and community services are important for this scholarship. Those programs that are offering scholarships for high school seniors are mentioned below,

Horatio Alger Scholarship

This could be one of the largest need-based programs. But applying here is quite competitive. So applicants must show $55,000 or lower family income, as well as integrity, perseverance, and dedication to community service. Applications for this program open August 1 and close October 25 of every year. And $25,000 for 106 students are given by this program to high school seniors.

  • Arlene and Dennis Schlosser Memorial Endowment Scholarship- This scholarship are sponsored by the Epsilon Sigma Alpha service organization. It awards six students annually. Students are judged based on their leadership/service experience, financial need, and scholastic ability (academics). Applications are due on or around February 1 of each year. And about $3,000 each are given to six students by this program.
  • Dell Scholars Program- The Dell Scholars Program is a program to provide low-income students with scholarships when they are in senior schools. This is also a large and competitive scholarship program so applicants must demonstrate grit, potential, and ambition. Applications deadline for this program is in mid-January of each year. 300 awards of up to $20,000 each are given by this program.
  • Elk’s National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition- The Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition offers 500 high school senior students for the scholarships. The given awards are specific from $4,000 to $50,000. Applicants are considered based on leadership, academic achievement, community involvement, and financial need. Applications deadline for this program is at the end of November of every year. And about $50,000 for 500 students each are given by this program.
  • Engebretson Foundation Scholarship- This program is somewhat straightforward. The most impressive academic performance and leadership ability holder, the only one person would get this scholarship every year. He/she would receive $5,000 per semester. The application deadline is in March.
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program- This scholarship program judges high school seniors’ academic ability and achievement, financial need, desire to help others, and leadership. Awards of $40,000 are given to 40 students or more each year. The application opens from early September to early November.
  • Jackie Robinson’s Foundation Scholarship Program- Leadership skills and commitment to community services are the requirements of this scholarship program. 60 scholarships are awarded every year. The student can receive about $30,000 for four years. The application period is from November 1 to February 1.

Study-Based Scholarships for High School Seniors

The following scholarships will look for your plan for major, the area of interest, or about your career.

study based scholarship

  • Asia SiVon Cottom Scholarship- The Asia SiVon Cottom Scholarship is awarded to students who have excelled academically and are looking for a degree in a science, math, engineering, or technology (STEM) field. This scholarship asks students for a short essay and of possible other materials. The scholarship is offered to a selected number of students and the application deadline is in early May of each year. And Multiple awards are given, ranging from $500 to $2,000.
  • Buick Achievers Scholarship Program- The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program is a scholarship program that awards large scholarships to the high school seniors who plan to major in engineering, technology, design, or business-related fields. Those who are interested in applying their academic passion and expertise to working in the automotive industry are highly motivated to apply for this scholarship program. It is quite competitive though. The application deadline is at the end of February. Up to 50 awards of up to $25,000 each.
  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation US Senate Youth Program- The William Randolph Hearst Foundation US Senate Youth Program might be for you if you are interested in government, and are passionate about studying political science. You need to show leadership, academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and additional qualities. 104 winners are awarded $5,000 and a trip to Washington, D.C every year! The application deadline is generally in October.

Essay-Based or Competition-Based Scholarships for High School Seniors

These scholarships are actually one kind of competition-based scholarships. This is basically dependent on the basis of an applicant’s performance on an essay task. You need to concentrate on the time, writing and revising your essay.

competition based scholarships

You shouldn’t apply for these scholarships if you did not do the research thing about the scholarship programs earlier. And you need to be confident enough. Let’s know something about these programs.

  • The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) High School Essay Contest- The American Foreign Service Association offers an annual essay contest for high school seniors to think or know more about important international issues. Students are required to write an essay analyzing a critical current issue in international affairs and propose solutions to the given issue. The winner and the runner-up gain $2,500 and $1,250 awards. They also get the advantages of tuition and extracurricular educational programs. Application deadline is in middle of March.
  • The Atlas Shrugged & Fountainhead Essay Contests- The Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead essay contests are quite popular yearly essay contests for high school seniors. These contests will look forward you to writing essays on one of three topics. Winners and runners-up get the scholarships and about $75,000 awards are given annually. Application deadline is in at the end of April.
  • The Voice of Democracy Essay Contest- The Voice of Democracy essay contest is sponsored by the VFW which is a unique contest. Senior students are asked to write their essays on a patriotic theme, then they have to read them and then submit them such as audio recordings. This program offers 54 awards starting from $1,000 to $30,000. Application deadline is at the beginning of November.
  • “I Matter” Scholarship- The “I Matter” Scholarship offers 50 awards every year to the high school senior students who show academic achievement, community service involvement, and more. Applicants must write an essay on a topic about the theme of “I Matter”. The award range is up to $5,000. Application deadline is March 31.
  • The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest- The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest offers scholarship to the top 25 students and the amount is $10,000 to $20,000. There is a special contest topic annually. The application is about researching and writing an essay related to John F. Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage. Application deadline is at the beginning of January.
  • American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest- If you are a good public speaker, or if you want to work on your public speaking skills then this competition might be the good one for you. Students of high school seniors compete for this award by performing a 3-5 minute speech on some aspect of the US Constitution. The first place winner owns an award of $18,000, second place winner gets $16,000, and third one $14,000. Annual awards’ numbers are $138,000 in total.

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Special Scholarships for High school Seniors

The following scholarship programs are something unique. Let’s learn more about the offered programs.thats great

  • CIA Undergraduate Scholars Program- This program is quite choosy and they only offer one high school senior for the scholarship. Whoever is selected as a winner, he/she will become a part of an internship program. The Intern will work at the CIA during summer breaks. An annual salary (with benefits), and an annual scholarship award of $18,000 is awarded by this program. You must show financial need to be qualified. The application is open from April 1 to August 31 of each year.
  • Davidson Fellowship Scholarships- If you have an extraordinary achievement that you are very proud of then you may try at this program. This scholarship for high school seniors goes to those students who have proved themselves for some impressive work in the sectors of STEM, literature, music, or philosophy. The scholarship range starts from $10,000 to $50,000. The application opens in November and the deadline is February 14 of every year.
  • Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship- If you are a strong vegetarian then this program might be your best choice to apply. The Vegetarian Resource Group selects applicants from their courage, compassion and encouraging a vegetarian. The first winner gets $10,000, and two runners-up gets $5,000 each. The application deadline is on  February 20 of each year.
  • William Randolph Hearst Foundations US Senate Youth Program- Have you always been dreamed of the public services? Then this is the right place for you. The Senate Youth Program looks for the students who are willing to study history or political science in college. The applicants are mostly judged on their leadership abilities, academic performance, community involvement, and extracurricular activities. Each winner will get a $10,000 award and all expenses of an educational week in Washington DC. The application deadline sometimes varies but is in around October.
  • AXA Achievement Scholarship- This scholarship is given to those high school seniors who have empowered society through achievements. More than 300 students had received one-time scholarships last year with the amount of $2,500, $10,000, or $25,000. The application period opens from September of each year.

Top Categorized Scholarships for High School Seniors 2018

I am going to provide here some scholarships’ name for high school seniors 2018 with the number of awards’ and due date for the application.

Name of the Scholarship programs for high school seniors the number of awards’ DEADLINE of application
AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship $5,000 15 February 2018
The TSJCL Lourania Miller & Gareth Morgan Scholarships for High School Seniors $1,000 29 June 2018
“I Matter” Scholarship $5,000 31 March 2018
“Species On The Edge 2.0” Social Media Contest $1,000 19 May 2018
#ShesConservative Essay Contest $1,000 27 August 2018
$1,000 College JumpStart Scholarship $1,000 17 October 2018
‘Nez Muhleman/Doris Kallina Scholarship $25,000 1 June 2018
(ISC)² Foundation Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship $10,000 19 March 2018
(ISC)² Undergraduate Cybersecurity Scholarship $5,000 15 March 2018
¡Adelante! HOPE Jimmy E. Garcia UTSA University of Texas San Antonio Scholarship $1,250 18 March 2018
¡Adelante! HOPE Alamo Community College District Scholarship $1,000 18 March 2018
1,000 Dreams Scholarship $1,000 30 April 2018
16th District PTA Scholarship Varies 15 March 2018
5 Strong Scholarship $50,000 31 December 2018
8th Annual South Carolina Federal Credit Union Scholarship $10,000 21  February 2018
A.B. Noel Endowed Scholarship $2,000 31 March 2018
A.C. “Kate” & Leo Joseph Merlone Teaching Scholarship Varies 15 April 2018
AAA South Jersey Scholarship Program $5,000 31 March 2018
AAC Culinary Scholarships for High School Seniors Varies 31 March 2018
AAHA Lou Manzione Scholarship $1,000 01 February 2018
AAIF Youth Leadership Scholarship – Helen Abbott Community Service Awards $1,000 01 March 2018
AAMI Foundation Scholarship $3,000 31 January 2018
Abbey Road Green Ticket Scholarship Varies 15 April 2018
Abby’s Closet Dreams Can Come True Scholarship $1,000 04 March 2018
ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship Essay Competition $1,000 31 January 2018
Accu-Tab System Scholarship $2,000 15 June 2018
ACF Andrew Piech Memorial Scholarship $1,000 03 June 2018
ACF Barnes W. Rose, Jr. and Eva Rose Nichole Scholarship Program $700 16 March 2018
ACF Bryan Cline Memorial Soccer Scholarship Program Varies 16 March 2018
ACF Carl F. Scott Scholarship Fund for Tucumcari Lodge No. 27 AF&AM $2,600 16 Mach 2018
ACF David R. Woodling Memorial Scholarship $1,000 03 June 2018
ACF James Ledwith Memorial Scholarship Varies 16 March 2018
ACF Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque Scholarship Program $2,000 16 March 2018
ACF Robby Baker Memorial Scholarship $750 16 March 2018
ACF Sarah K. Caplan Scholarship Program $5,000 16 March 2018
ACF Sussman-Miller Educational Assistance Award Program (Private/Out-of-State Schools) $2,000 20 April 2018
ACF Sussman-Miller Educational Assistance Award Program (Public Colleges/Current Undergraduates) $2,000 20 June 2018
ACF Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program Varies 16 March 2018
ACF Youth in Foster Care Scholarship Program $2,000 16 March 2018
ACFEF Culinary Institute of America Scholarship $10,000 01 May 2018
ACFEF Johnson & Wales Scholarship $10,000 01 December 2018
ACHE Police Officers and Firefighters Survivors Educational Assistance Program Varies Varies
ACHE Student Grant Program Varies Varies
ACS Scholars Program $5,000 01 March 2018
Act Six Indianapolis Scholarship $46,000 07 November 2018
Actuarial Diversity Scholarship $4,000 02 May 2018
ADCC College Dance Scholarships $1,000 01 August 2018
Adoption STAR Academic Scholarship Program $1,500 01 January 2019
Adrian and Corena Swanier Education Scholarship $1,000 31 March 2018
Advance North East Foundation Athletic Scholarship $500 30 April 2018
Advance North East Foundation Senior Scholarship $1,000 30 April 2018
Advantage Medical Staffing Scholarship $1,000 15 April 2018
Advocacy in Action Video Contest $1,000 18 March 2018
Ady Marchesini Memorial Scholarship $500 17 May 018
AEF Scholarship $20,000 30 January 2018
AEG Oakland Community Foundation Scholarship $10,000 12 may 2018
AEMP Foundation Scholarships $2,000 01 May 2018
The Russ Casey / Maine Restaurant Associates Scholarship Fund $1,000 28 April 2018

Scholarships of Biggest Amount for High School Seniors 2018

There are so many programs for the scholarships of high school seniors. Among them, there are some programs that offer the biggest amount of awards. I am adding a list of these scholarships’ details below,

The Dream. US National Scholarship $29,000 or more 01-03-2018
Trustee Distinguished Scholarship – Rice University $27,000 or more Varies
Trustee Diversity Scholarship – Rice University $27,000 or more Varies
Emmy Noether Award $25,000 01-03-2018
Presidential Scholarship – Rider University $24,000 Varies
Provost Scholarship – Rider University $22,000 or more Varies
Anthony Munoz Scholarship $20,000 01-05-2018
Rath Foundation Academic Scholarship $20,000 01-02-2018
Henry David Thoreau Scholarship $20,000 or more 01-02-2018
TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship $20,000 or more 23-01-2018

Some Newly Added Scholarships for High School Seniors 2018

You must be looking for if any recent scholarships for high school seniors have been added. There you might get your answers below. These scholarship programs are new for 2018.

Park High School Hall of Fame Scholarship Varies Varies
Tom George Scholarship Varies Varies
Union Grove Area Business Scholarship Varies Varies
John J. Sokol Scholarship Varies Varies
Karle P. Guth Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard and Mercedes Durham Scholarship Varies Varies
Citizens National Bank Scholarship – SELU Varies Varies
Robert & Noreen Stollberg Award Varies Varies
R.C. McQuilkin Leadership Scholarship 100% of tuition fees Varies
Board Scholarship – CIU $6,000 Varies

Extra Privileged Kinds of Scholarships for High School Seniors

These are categories of scholarships for high school seniors that could be easier for you to apply. extra privileged

  • Local scholarships- You can easily apply for your chosen scholarship if there remain any local scholarship opportunities in your state. Otherwise, ask your academic counselor for help on how to contact them if you qualify.
  • Scholarships for high SATs/ACTs- Its an extra privilege for you if you’ve scored high on your SATs or ACTs. There remain scholarships you can apply for with a great score.
  • Scholarships for high school seniors with military parents- There are a lot of states that offer scholarships for high school seniors. Those students who have active-duty or retired or deceased military parents get the privileges. But each state’s programs are different from others and have different types of requirements. To learn more about the scholarship programs, you may contact your state’s Department of Higher Education or Office of Veteran’s Affairs.

Things You Need to Keep in your Head while applying for the Scholarships for High School Seniors

These little things should always be in your mind before thinking about applying for a scholarship.

Things you should always keep in mind

  • About the Scholarship applications’ deadlines- There is no fixed deadline for overall scholarship applications. Because each scholarship has its own fixed deadline. Make sure you do not miss the given deadline otherwise you will miss the total application process and who wants that!
  • Do not panic for which college you are going to attend- You do not need to panic for which college you’re going to attend before applying for most offered scholarships. And once you are selected for the scholarships, they will ask for eligibility verification and that might be helpful for you to decide to which college you are about to look forward.
  • limitation on how many scholarships you can apply for- There is actually no limit on the number of scholarships for applying for high school seniors. So, go for as many as you can apply!

So, if you are a high school senior now, you should not waste your time for a single moment. Decide which scholarship you need or eligible for and if you have all the qualities they look for. Scholarships for high school seniors are offered mostly with an attractive amount of award. Keep the usual information in your mind and apply for the scholarships. Good Luck!





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