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Top Universities in North Carolina (2019 Update)

by Samia Tasnim

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The state of North Carolina has some top-ranked universities. If you are willing to study one of the finest states of the USA, North Carolina, you need to have the proper ideas about the universities over there. Universities in North Carolina are in the top rankings because of their performances, educational system, and research and overall objectives. Universities of North Carolina with its rankings are been discussed for helping you take the right decision where to start your study.

Universities in North Carolina and the Rankings 2018

University name
1Duke UniversityDurham
2The University of North Carolina at Chapel HillChapel Hill
3North Carolina State UniversityRaleigh
4The University of North Carolina at CharlotteCharlotte
5East Carolina UniversityGreenville
6Wake Forest UniversityWinston Salem
7Appalachian State UniversityBoone
8The University of North Carolina at GreensboroGreensboro
9University of North Carolina WilmingtonWilmington
10Elon UniversityElon

Duke University

Among the universities in North Carolina, Duke University is ranked number one in 2018. It is the top-ranked private research school in the country. The university has ten schools and colleges and is particularly popular for its strong medical programs. The cross-registration system among these schools and colleges offers students to take classes in different departments and gain a potential education.

To not only have excellent academic programs but the students at the university have also access to one of the top private research library systems with four branches in between the campus. Duke University is also the home to many competitive sports teams.

Tuition and fees at Duke University are $49,241 USD without financial aid. With room, board, books and supplies and other fees combined, the total cost of attendance is $66,739 USD.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill was founded in 1789. This university is well known for its tradition of providing students with diligent academic programs. It offers 78 undergraduate programs including masters and doctorate programs.

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is ranked in number 2 in University rankings but is considered as one of the top schools in North Carolina because it challenges students and makes sure their career path with the required skills and knowledge. Sometimes it offers students the opportunity to work with full-time faculty members on different research projects. The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is worth your right decision to pick as your favorite one.

Cost of AttendanceIn-state: $25,407 & Out-of-state: $50,990
Tuition and FeesIn-state: $9,005 & Out-of-state: $34,588
Room and Board$11,556
Books and Supplies$1,442
Other Expenses$3,404

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North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University at Raleigh is particularly a research university. It offers internships and huge opportunities for students with the best classroom learning to prepare them for successful careers. Students are also awarded the chance to get involved with research works as part of their academic programs if they wish to. North Carolina State has 12 colleges that offer subjects up to the Ph.D. level in all major academic programs. The university also has an impressive and affordable annual price that makes it worth for your money.

Tuition and FeesIn-state: $9,058 & Out-of-state: $27,406
Cost of AttendanceIn-state: $23,700 & Out-of-state: 42,048
Room and Board$10,854
Books and Supplies$1,082
Other Expenses$2,706

Wake Forest University

Among the universities in North Carolina, Wake Forest University is also a well-known research university and it is best known for the offering of students the personal benefits of a small liberal arts school. The university also provides small class sizes and has a low student to other university’s faculty ratio. Students have the opportunity to work closely and accordingly with the professors on research projects.

Wake Forest also belongs to an excellent freshman retention rate. So, the university is considered worth your money too. The university provides the students with the finest research facilities along with an excellent educational system that prepares them for successful careers.

Tuition fees at Wake Forest are $44,200 and on-campus room and boarding are $12,000. The average total financial aid amount from Wake Forest to undergraduate students is $32,015 USD.

Appalachian State University

As one of 16 universities in North Carolina, Appalachian State University is ranked on number 9 and also in the list of top ten colleges in North Carolina. This liberal arts research university is a highly selective school. It is known for its most challenging academic programs. Students get the opportunity to work with the faculty members to perform research and take classes too. These all lead the students to build their better career after graduation.

Appalachian’s mission is to make the global citizens concerned more who understand the importance of a properly disciplined future. The university is considered one of the most environmentally responsible universities in the country and consistently works on it to maintain that regaining. Appalachian is also considered as one of the College Factual’s best value schools. The college provides a high freshman retention rate and a low student to faculty ratio than most others.

This university costs about $4,159 for tuition, $8,119 for boarding and room, $700 for books and supplies and $2,977 for other fees.

Elon University

Elon University is a private university that is well-known for its engaged and vast learning techniques. The university provides a traditional liberal arts education with a helpful learning environment. Students are given such education that helps them gain a master of understanding of their chosen field. When it is about classroom learning, many students participate in internships and international studies to reach its best out of their education at Elon. Elon University is also considered as one of the best value schools. The university provides a high freshman retention rate and a low student to faculty ratio than most others.

Cost of Attendance$49,642
Tuition and Fees$34,273
Room and Board$11,869
Books and Supplies$900
Other Expenses$2,600

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is a public art institution that prepares students for a life dedicated to the arts. The school has an excellent standard when it comes to the performers. They make the admission very selective for this. Those who are selected for the university are awarded the opportunity to train with master teachers in their specific chosen subjects. Students at the university also take classes in humanities, math, literature, and philosophy as supplementary subjects to prove themselves that they are best on all sides.

Graduates of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts join on to the prestigious groups, such as the American Ballet Theatre and act in award-winning shows or perform on Broadway.

Top universities in North Carolina are no less than other states’ top universities in the USA. The performances, research works, and other activities have turned those universities in North Carolina the top-ranked universities among others. If you are willing to study one of these universities then you should not be confused. Gather proper information about where you are willing to admit and step forward with it.

FAQ About Top Universities in North Carolina

How many universities are in North Carolina?

There are 125 universities in North Carolina, 75 public and 49 private, offering a wide range of programs and majors.

What GRE score is required to get admission in North Carolina State University?

For North Carolina State University the GRE score should be 315–324.

What are some useful tips for students starting their first semester at Duke University?

Stretch your brain, your heart and your soul while there. Don’t just hang out with friends in your spare time drinking or playing video games. You have been given a great opportunity to dive in and grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally at a fantastic university, so:
1. Go to events that don’t fit your normal interests: for instance, I went to a Russian ballet performance one night (by myself) and was captivated.
2. Go to the Rare Book room in Perkins and look through the masterpieces they have collected.
3. Go to the Museum of African American art.
4. Have a goal of engaging with students from at least 25 other countries while there.
5. Go to a sporting event other than basketball or football. Go cheer the swim team or Frisbee team.
6. Go to a religious service other than your own. You’ll be surprised at what you learn and what you feel.
7. Get out into Durham and visit the neighborhoods. Help out in a food kitchen. Not for your resume, but to fill people’s bellies while filling your soul.
8. Take a professor to lunch.
9. Stay connected with your parents and hometown friends. They’ll miss you.
10. Dive into all the experiences and education you can to fulfill your destiny of becoming the best version of you imaginable.

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