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Why do You Want to Work Here Answer | Interview Question-Answer

by Samia Tasnim

Sometimes we fail to answer the easiest question even after knowing the answer. We feel that we know the answer but something happens to us and we cannot talk perfectly. That happens for two reasons, first, when we are nervous and secondly when we feel the question is somewhat useless or dumb! This situation happens to most of the interviewees at least once in a lifetime. Interviewers ask what can be avoided to be asked. But they sometimes try to confuse the interviewees and test them if they can handle the awkward situation easily. Such one of these questions is, “why do you want to work here?” interview question. This is somehow a useless question because we, the interviewees are here to get the job because you are looking for employees and we do need Money! That is that simple! But, you are here for a formal interview and you need to be polite and answer every question with a smiley face on.

Why the Interviewers Ask “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” Interview Question?

Interviewers do not always ask silly questions to confuse the interviewees but sometimes those silly question might be important to them. They usually ask these type of questions related to this “why do you want to work here?”,

  • Why do you want/need this job?
  • Why are you interested to work with us?
  • Why do you want to work with us?

So, they are more likely wanting to know what you want or if your expectation is matching with their company policy and others. The interviewers want to know these things from you indirectly or directly through the “why do you want to work here?” interview question. And you have to answer keeping those in your mind,

  • To know your career goals and if this position is perfect for you or not
  • Just hold it in your head that you are sincerely interested in the job and are willing to be very dedicated if hired
  • Have a short research about the company before facing the interview. Know about the posts, policy and other facts so that, this little info might help you to answer.

Interviewers can also start the interview session by asking: “Tell Me About Yourself”. Know more about that too.

How to Answer “Why do You Want to Work Here?” Interview Question Easily

As it is mentioned above that, Have a short research about the company before facing to the interview. Know about the posts, policy and other facts. Then after researching and knowing about the company, find out what do you like about the company and what matches with your type. Then, what makes you interested in this particular job position?- make an answer to that too. In fact, after researching the company details, you might be able to answer all these questions easily. Now the question is, from where and how you will know about the company.

How will You Research the Company?

If you already know about the company then that’s fine. If you don’t, then go to their website and read about them. The company websites mostly cover all their company policies or their missions/goals. Why do you want to work hereRead some of their blogs, you may get some ideas from there too. You can also search for some media coverages if available such as articles or blogs etc. Get updates from the recent events of this company.

What do You Like about this Company?

After getting ideas about the company through researching, you may have fallen in love with the company already. Or you may just not like that at all. Then you should not apply for the job in fact. Actually, it is important to research before applying for the position of any company. And when you will be finally selected for the interview, you again can revise the whole company policies. If you are determined to work in this particular company, you must have got many reasons behind it. You must have liked some things that you have become interested. So, tell these all about to the interviewers. Merge up your expectations and the particular job position with the company. Try to be more authentic. For example, tell them about those things mentioned below,

  • Company’s general reputation
  • The reputation of key leaders
  • Of products/services
  • Company culture and values
  • Company growth/success

How to Show Interest in the Company?

Do not say anything that spoils the environment. Do not make silly reasons that they are not willing to hear actually. In fact do not get too personal! Such as, “this is close to my house”- this is not a genuine reason for this type of formal interview sessions. Do not say anything that proves you have not researched about the company thoroughly. Sometimes most of us go on and say, “it is a nice company and I like to work here.”- this is what is not authentic. Be professional and formal. If you intentionally tell things about their company policy correctly that you like, they will understand that you really are interested in this position for this you have done your research and that is quite impressive.

Merging up Your Expectations with Company Policy and Set the Goal

Match your goals to the company’s policy. Your career goals and future goals should be merged and show the interviewers that you are eligible for the position. Your answer should not be more focusing on how the company would help you to build your career rather focus on how you are going to utilize your skill to this company and going to take it to the next level in nearer future.

So, in a nutshell, it can be suggested to the interviewees that they need to focus on what the interviewers actually want to hear. They definitely would want to hear about their company’s success and want to see more success through perfect one’s hand who they are looking for. So, do not talk about irrelevant things or do not answer anything silly. “Why do you want to work here?” interview question-answering is not a matter of being panic at all. Use these tricks and have confidence in you. Wish you luck!

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